1. All inputs for this game are done with the up/left/down/right keys, including conversation. Just walk "into" something to interact with it.
  2. You can interact with anything that's the same colour as yourself. (Except portals, which are the same colour as walls.)
  3. You'll need to interact with things to go through the game.
  4. You can interact with many objects multiple times.
  5. You'll know you've gotten all the interactions out once you read the same dialogue twice.


Many people assume that new tech is strictly better than old tech, but is this always the case? This museum celebrates the usefulness of different ways we've historically selected directions (ie up/down/left/right) in videogames, and encourages us to ask what kind of economy, social system, user demographic, etc may encourage the revival of tech we thought were "old". What living conditions can we imagine that would allow certain types of input methods to come into the spotlight? 

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